Introducing... Ghee Original Mesh Jewellery

We're excited to announce a new venture for Ghee - Ghee Original Mesh Jewellery! Contemporary fine jewellery pieces designed to compliment your wardrobe and give a unique edge to your outfit, created exclusively for Ghee. 

Our first Ghee Original mesh pieces can be found at the Boho Culture Fair 2017. 

The Ghee Enamelled Berimbau Jewellery Set consists of earrings and a pendant, constructed from semi-circlular discs and delicate wire with colourful enamelling on the discs. The set comes with a 6 colour texture HUD, with gold and silver metals options included. Materials enabled, unrigged mesh with a resizer.

The Ghee Embossed Leather Collar is a striking statement piece, featuring cleverly entwined leather sections. It's available in 10 Fall17 colours, sold separately. Materials enabled, unrigged mesh with resizer.