It's Time for the Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt! 1st April - 2nd May 2017

Ghee celebrates the arrival of Spring with a delicious new rockabilly inspired hunt this April.

We bring you a mouthwatering mix and match collection in a tasty strawberries and cream palette, co-ordinating with a vintage style strawberry cupcakes print. Each item comes in 3 colorways, and the glasses, earrings and bangles are HUD powered to match with the whole collection.

33 items for women are hidden in ripe strawberries around the Ghee Main Store and grounds. Collect them all for a versatile mix and match wardrobe! *Scroll down for a full list of items and sizing*

There are also 12 cupcakes, containing matching items for Toddleedoo Babies from Baby Ghee, for kids to find! Bring your kids hunting with you and get a sweetness overdose with these cute shorts, skirts and tops, with shoes, a cupcake bag, and glasses to match Moms!

Each hunt item is priced at 10L.

The Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt begins at midnight on April 1st.

We also have a hunt Flickr contest! Enter for the chance to win 1,000L cash! Details here.

Here's your taxi to Ghee!

Happy hunting!

Here are some hints to help you (or drive you crazy, but in a fun way we hope!):


1.  Alexa! Where is the hunt item?
2.  Fireworks are a Beautiful Explosion
3.  Lovely to wear, but please don't blow your nose on it!
4.  Sssshhhhh. Don't even make a peep.
5.  The color associated with a famous cabaret in Paris, France.
6.  What a colorful, fuzzy, destructive warmer.
7.  I could really use a Manicure!
8.  I love purple flowers!
9.  Pretty soon we might all have this form of identification mark on our bodies
10.  Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
11.  These heels are a treasure!
12.  Imprison the light like a bird in a cage.
13.  Here comes the bride!
14.  You've Got Mail!
15.  Vivian is all business in this get up.
16.  Ghee VIPs are truly gifted.
17.  You can never have enough of these Boho neck warmers.
18.  I can dig it.
19.  A famous artist called them "Sweaty Little Monkeys"
20.  Show off those legs! It's a basic summer requirement.
21.  Who wouldn't want to have a romp in this velvety garment?
22.  It's the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago.
23.  She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny...
24.  They say the neon lights are bright, On Broadway
25.  Baby, I was Born This Way
26.  Nectar of the Gods of Morning.
27.  A storm is brewing.
28.  Tragic Romance frozen in time.
29.  The heat just radiates from here.
30.  Silky ruffley scrunchy attire for your bottom!
31.  Looks like Banksy has been at it again.
32.  Keep your head warm in those cold Russian winters.
33.  Henry David Thoreau inspired this.

Baby Ghee Hints:
1.  Vrooooom Vroooom!
2.  Nothing says cutie cute cute like a baby with a mustache!
3.  Why do they call it a sandwich board? You can't eat it.
4.  Toss in some coins and make a wish
5.  Are we expecting rain while we eat?
6.  Superman's changing room.
7.  Dad says I can mow the lawn when I am 12 years old
8.  Gotcha!
9.  Awww beautiful flutterbies!!!!!
10.  Yummy a picnic!
11.  We should make daisy chains!
12.  I scream, you scream, We all scream for....

Items Sizing Details:

Women's items:

Swing Dress (Sweety, Choco, Berry) - rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes * 

Stretch Leggings (Sweety, Berry, Cream) - Maitreya Lara, TMP, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, rigged mesh -  5 standard sizes

Belted Shirt (Sweety, Sugar, Cream) - Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Fitmesh - one size (classic avis)

Bandeau Top (Sweety, Berry, Sugar)- rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes *

Hi-waist Shorts (Berry, Choco, Sugar) - Maitreya Lara, TMP, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, rigged mesh -  5 standard sizes

Stretchy Mini Skirt (Sweety, Berry, Sugar) - rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes *

Tied Crop Top (Berry, Cream Sugar)- rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes *

Denim Capris (Berry, Sugar, Cream) - rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes *

Canvas High Top Sneakers (Sweety, Berry, Cream) - Rigged mesh for Slink Flat Feet

Mules  (Sweety, Sugar, Berry) Unrigged mesh for Maitreya High Feet, Rigged Mesh for Slink/Belleza Feet

Cateye Glasses - Unrigged mesh with resizer and texture HUD (5 textures, frames, arms, lenses)

Earrings - Unrigged mesh with resizer and texture HUD (5 textures on 2 parts)

Bangles - Unrigged mesh with resizer and texture HUD (5 textures on 1 pair and 1 single bangle)

* Although these meshes are standard size only, all the models in our poster are wearing them with mesh bodies.

Baby Ghee items:
*clothing items for ToddleeDoo Baby

Skirt (Cream, Sugar, Sweetie)
Shorts (Cream, Sweetie, Berry)
Top (Sweetie, Berry, Sugar)
Alpargatas (slip on shoes) (Sweetie)
Cateye Glasses (Berry) Unrigged mesh
Cupcake Bag (Berry) Unrigged mesh