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Succubus @ The Darkness

Ghee is ready for Halloween at the Darkness this month, with a new outfit - Succubus. This stunning outfit includes a top and pants with daring strapped cut outs that reveal just enough to ensnare your victim, an animated bento tail, and unrigged mesh demon horns with resizer.

4 rich, dark shades of shiny dragon scale leather are included via HUD, and all the parts can be worn separately as well as together. The textures are materials enabled, so switch on advanced graphics to see them at their best. In fitness sizes for Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass mesh bodies only. 

The Succubus, a female sexual demon, is a paranormal entity with a history that dates back thousands of years. Every culture seems to possess a succubus myth. Succubi approach men in a variety of ways, usually while they are sleeping, then seduce them. Often men report that their experiences with succubi are positive and enjoyable, but just as often, they report that the pleasure had a thread of something evil running…

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