Ghee at the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

Ghee's new release, the Elegantyne dress, is all about eye-catching style embellished with a pop of color! It features delightful coordinating accessories including a rose fascinator with veil, a shawl, and a lace trimmed bodysuit on OMEGA appliers and system tattoo layers. Sizes for mesh and classic avatars included.

La Corolle Rose dress gives an air of classic elegance and is a true fashionista's delight with the superb variety of texture options provided by the included HUD. It comes in one size Fitmesh that fits classic and mesh avatars (please do try a demo to check the fit on your shape).

You will also find Ghee's new Pinky Peeptoes heels for Maitreya and Slink feet, in a lovely array of shades to co-ordinate with Eglantyne and La Corolle Rose.

Grab this limo and take a look at the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event today!