Ghee Winter Hunt 2016 is here!

Christmas is family time, and Ghee has put together a fun hunt to share with your kids this winter!

From 12th to 31st December, you can find 18 Christmas muffins and 5 hand knitted soft toy cats hidden around the Ghee Main Store. In 11 of the muffins you will find all the clothing and accessories shown on our adult model. In the toy cats you will find items for babies and toddlers - and the kids stuff comes packed in little toy cats that are wearable as a toy as well!

The hunt guides below show all the items you can find in the hunt.

The women's items cost 10L each, except the boots, which cost 25L. Scroll down for a list of the items and details of sizes and fits.

You will find the hint for the next item in the women's hunt in each bag. To get you started, here's your first hint:

"It's the season of goodwill - will you Help to Care this Christmas?"

Grab a ride to The Ghee Main Store and start hunting today!

Don't miss out - once the hunt has ended these items will be gone forever!

Women's hunt items:

1. Tartan Deer Earrings - unrigged mesh with resizer.
2. Opaque tights in bright blue - OMEGA appliers and system tattoo layer.
3. Tartan scarf - unrigged mesh with resizer.
4. Fingerless gloves - OMEGA appliers and system tattoo layer.
5. Fur hat with tartan - unrigged mesh with resizer.
6. Tartan Tote Bag - unrigged mesh with resizer
7. Knit ankle warmers - unrigged mesh with resizer.
8. Tartan Bustier - OMEGA applier and system tattoo layer.
9. Tartan Handkerchief Skirt - Rigged Mesh 5 standard sizes, one size Fitmesh and Fitmesh for      Maitreya mesh body.
10. Winter Jacket - rigged mesh 5 standard sizes
11. Tartan Fur-lined boots - Slink HIGH feet and Maitreya HIGH feet.

And of course we have.....

Established women's fashion brand Ghee is excited to bring you a first glimpse of our new line of clothing and accessories for babies and toddler - BabyGhee!

Running alongside our women's Winter Hunt, we have 5 items for babies and toddlers hidden around the Ghee store and park. Each item is hidden in a hand knitted soft toy cat, and priced at 10L.

Each item is TRANSFER, no copy, so you can keep them for yourself or gift them, as you please.

The pacifier, earmuffs, boots and mittens are unrigged mesh and are for both girls and boys. The earmuffs, mittens and boots include resizers to help get the best fit. The dress is for girls, and is rigged mesh for Toddleedoo BABY and KID mesh avatars.

The items come bagged in a soft toy cat which is wearable as a toy after you have unpacked it :)

We hope you have fun with hunting for these! Here are some hints to help you on your way :)

1. This one laughed too much and he fell over!

2. I told you to close that drawer!

3. Wanna be a ballerina?

4. Butterflies in a winter wonderland?

5. When Donald the penguin gets tired, maybe he takes a rest here.