Ghee Indian Summer Hunt Aug 12th - Sept 2nd

Models (L-R) desireme Fallen, Sophia Paez, Warm Clarity, Rienna Rieko, Tanya Green, Jazzy Teardrop, Bea Serendipty

From August 12th to September 2nd 2016, 39 spice jars will be hidden around the Ghee Main Store and park for you to find.

Spice up your summer with the Ghee Indian Summer Hunt Collection. A complete late summer wardrobe of co-ordinating clothing and accessories to mix and match, in spicy shades of chilli, taupe and ivory, and a gorgeous henna tattoo style print.

The capsule collection includes maxi dresses and skirts, draped harem pants, short lace trimmed shorts, cami tops, halters and cropped off shoulder blouses. The accessories include jewelry, wrist wraps, sunglasses and leather sandals for Slink Flat Feet.

A note about sizing: We tried all of the clothing on our Maitreya Mesh Bodies, and many of the clothing items include fits for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza Mesh bodies - scroll down to below the hints for the details.

Each item costs just 10L apart from the sandals which cost just 25L.

Find all the spice jars to build a complete wardrobe with masses of mix and match possibilities for only 435L!!

You don't want to miss this hunt - once it's over, these items will be gone forever!

Scroll down for hints to help your search.

Grab this taxi to the Ghee Main Store and start searching! 

Happy Hunting!

And here are your hints!

1. You might call this "A distinctive product by which Ghee's SS16 Collection can be identified"

2.  Wake up and smell the coffee

3.  Funk to funky, We know Major Tom's a junky

4. "A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

5. Vanilla for me please!

6. Ghee, they treat their VIPs well!

7. Basically, everyone needs some of these in their wardrobe

8.  Lovely detonation

9.  Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a penny!

10.  A hard rain's gonna fall

11. Hamlet's Bride would have been crazy for this gown!

12. Why not give us a rating while you're here?

13. Dance like no-one's watching

14. I said a hip hop the hippie to the hippie. The hip hip hop, a you don't stop

15. Riot Flower Thrower

16. Nice spot for relaxed alfresco dining

17. They named this one after the Ghee Girl 2016

18. I see the stand, but where's the band?

19. Nothing cooler than silk on a summer day

20. A plant made of cheese? Surely not?

21. Art classics with a modern twist

22. One day I'll Fly Away

23. Now that's what I call a classy motor

24.There's a red one, and a green one, and a blue one, and a yellow one....

25. I love the sound of running water

26. Let me be your Fantasy

27.  Beam me up Scotty

28.  Protection for the eyes

29.  Now this is one outfit I certainly WOULDN'T wear to do the dusting!

30. They like to cultivate the arts in SL

31. Let's take teddy for a ride

32. Natural dye used to color hair or tattoo the skin

33. Ghee it's a red letter day

34. Ruffle BUTT!

35. "Life in the Woods" is a life changing book.

36. Is Edward Scissorhands your landscaper?

37. A present? For me!?

38. It's a gamble

39. I think I need an eye doctor.

Sizing details:
Beaded Top, Maxi Dress, Lace Trimmed Shorts, Blouse:  Fitmesh - 5 standard sizes, Slink Physique, Belleza and Maitreya compatible mesh
Harem Pants, Boho Long Skirt, Boho Tank: Rigged Mesh 5 standard Sizes (but have been worn successfully with Maitreya mesh bodies)
Sandals: Rigged mesh for Slink Flat feet
Accessories: unrigged mesh with resizers