Ghee Windlight Collection

To celebrate their ongoing collaboration with Windlight Magazine in Second Life, Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity have released a special mini collection, the Ghee Windlight Collection, consisting of six beautiful fashion creations inspired by Fine Art.

The Ghee Windlight Collection was released at the Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase from 9th - 17th July 2016, and will be available from the Ghee Main Store from 17th July.

Beautiful Explosion of Vanity
This gown and matching fascinator was inspired by the work of contemporary British artist Damien Hirst. The high waisted, strapless ballgown has full billowing skirts emblazoned with splashes of vibrant color and butterflies. It comes with a matching fascinator decorated with butterflies, with animated butterflies dancing around it!

Fitted mesh gown in 5 sizes. Unrigged mesh fascinator with resizer.

Degas Dancer
Step out of Edgar Degas' popular pastel drawing entitled Green Dancer in this complete ensemble featuring a silken corseted bodice, puff sleeves and flouncy ballet skirt and tiptoe ballet slippers all textured in a manner to embody the strokes and flow of fine art.

Rigged Mesh Corseted Top and Skirt in 8 sizes each, 2 flexi skirt layers, unrigged mesh puff sleeves with resizer, and unrigged ballet slippers with resizer 

Inspired by the work of Polish Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka, this outfit includes a one shoulder, ruffled satin, floor length gown in 3 vibrant shades that are characteristic of Lempicka’s work. The outfit includes an elegant flowered hat worn low over one eye, and white kid gloves. 

Rigged mesh gown in 5 standard sizes. Rigged mesh gloves. Unrigged mesh hat with resizer. Materials enabled.

Klimt Adele Gown
The golden shimmer of Klimt's Adele in all its glory comes to life in this modernized, long sleek gown with scarf.

Rigged mesh gown in 5 sizes.

Inspired by 20th Century American artist, Georgia O”Keeffe, Shells includes a halter neck floor length gown with a dramatic train with a contrasting abstract patterned lining, perfectly complimenting the elegant simplicity of the plain dress. Shells comes with a head piece, an opened oyster shell with pearls spilling down from it.

Rigged mesh gown in 5 standard sizes. Unrigged mesh head piece with resizer. Materials enabled.

Laudanum Dress
Textured using the original oil painting by Warm Clarity, this gown is in full bloom with a massive opium poppy on the front that flows and wraps against the full length gown in shades of blue which emulates the old apothecary bottles used for Laudanum. 

Rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes.


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