Truly deserving of the title of Top Model, she's also a stylist, blogger, photographer and designer. Her photography has been seen in just about every SL fashion and lifestyle magazine and publication, and she has walked in too many runway shows to remember. In the past years she has also established her own brand, creating wonderful original mesh accessories. Her list of titles and achievements is second to none -  she was the Face of E-clipse 2013, the Chop Zuey Girl 2013, Miss V♛ Denmark 2014 (top 5 and People's Choice Award Winner), Miss SL ♛ Italy 2015 (top 5) and was the first ever face of Ghee, the Ghee Girl 2015. 

Astralia brought her special magic to Ghee in 2015 - she inspired us and opened many doors for us. She's a rare talent and we hope she will always shine brightly, like the star she is.

Originally created for Astralia in her final walk as Ghee Girl 2015 at the Ghee Girl 2016 Grand Finale, "Astralia" is an elegant strapless gown rendered in luxurious fine silk detailed with delightfully abstract patterns and colors that evoke the energy and spirit of nature. Get in touch with your inner goddess in this exquisite design.

The gown is rigged mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes.

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