Ghee Girl 2016 - semi finalists

A huge Thank You to all of you who submitted photos for the Ghee Girl 2016 competition. We were thrilled to see all your styling, and appreciate your time, effort and enthusiasm for Ghee.

The judges have deliberated long and hard, and have selected the following as semi finalists (in alphabetical order) - you will progress onto the live rounds of the search for the Ghee Girl 2016. Congratulations and good luck!

Annabelle Mayo

Brianna Beresford

Elita Wardell

Emmalee Streeter


Evelia Verwood


Milla Crumb




Selina Graycloud

Siena Starsmith

Susy49 Albatros

Please be on the look out for a group invitation to the Ghee Girl 2016 inworld group. You will receive instructions for your first challenge very soon!