Peace on Earth

It's the season of goodwill, and Ghee is delighted to embrace the spirit of giving by taking part in the 8th grid-wide Peace on Earth Hunt, along with more than 70 creators who have seasonally inspired gifts hidden at their main stores for you to find.

Our Peace on Earth gift is Maresa - an elegant strapless gown, cinched at the waist with a beaded lace fabric. The silky skirt softly drapes over the hips and is split on one side to the thigh, giving a tempting glimpse of leg. A fur stole over one shoulder adds a touch of glamour, making this a wonderful gown for a formal occasion or even a winter wedding gown. In rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes, Maresa is materials enabled.

Shown worn with Ghee SS15 Strappy Heels in Shell.

There's a hint to help you find Maresa at the Ghee Main Store - look for the Peace on Earth Hunt poster just outside the main entrance, and click on the little ball spinning there - or click on the poster for a full list of stores LMs and hints.

The hunt ends on January 9th, after which this gown will be gone forever, so don't miss your chance to own it!

Here's your taxi to the Ghee Main Store.

Happy hunting!