Ghee Girl 2016 Competition - now with added sponsors and prizes!

The Ghee Girl is confident, fun, self assured and stylish. Her wardrobe is the envy of all, and she turns heads when she enters the room. She's artistic, creative and has a real passion for fashion, She knows how to dress for every occasion and she's as comfortable burning up the dance floor as she is gracing the top fashion runways. She dares to be different. She's unique, classy and inspiring. And she's much much more than just a pretty clothes hanger - she has brains as well as beauty, she's a hard worker and a great team player too. She has a great social media presence. She has all it takes to represent one of Second Life's most dynamic fashion brands.

Could YOU follow in Astralia's footsteps and be the Ghee Girl 2016?

The Ghee Girl competition will consist of styling challenges, live runway walks, a photo/social media challenge and an interview, taking place from January 2016 to the grand finale on 12th March 2016.

One lucky winner will become the Ghee Girl 2016 and receive a fabulous prize package including:

* 20,000L$ cash
* A Cover and feature interview in ModeSL Magazine
* A feature article and photoshoot in The Edge fashion section of Windlight Magazine
* A portrait and a themed photo from Tempest Rosca Photography
* A head shot by award winning photographer Pam Astonia
* An invitation to The QueenS group and the opportunity to participate in all their campaigns and missions.
* 5,000L$ Store Credit at Chop Zuey
* 2,000L$ Store Credit at IsoMotion
* 1,000L$ Store Credit at Tres Beau
* 750L$ Store Credit at Astralia
* A car from Jupiter Motors
* A unique original mesh crown by Ghee and Francisc Mesh Designs.
* Appear in print advertisements, videos, vendors and runway shows for Ghee throughout 2016
* An Invitation to the Ghee Models and Bloggers group
* All new releases from Ghee in 2016

The First Runner-Up will receive:
* 5,000 L$ cash
* Tempest Rosca Photography - 1 Single Shot - Head/Portrait/Body
* 500L$ Store Credit at Astralia
* 500L$ Store Credit at Tres Beau
* An invitation to the Ghee Bloggers and Models group
* Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for Ghee
* A car from Jupiter Motors

The Second Runner-Up will receive:
* 1,000L$ Cash
* Tempest Rosca Photography - 1 Single Shot - Head/Portrait/Body
* 250L$ Store Credit at Astralia
* 250L$ Store Credit at Tres Beau
* An invitation to the Ghee Bloggers and Models group
* Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for Ghee
* A car from Jupiter Motors


Please follow ALL the instructions carefully.

SL avatars must be at least 6 months old to enter.

You must have Ghee in your SL Profile Picks.

Style a look using clothing and accessories from Ghee that you think best represents the Ghee Girl.

Please use clothing which is CURRENTLY available for sale from Ghee, including event releases (old group gifts, discontinued items and freebies must not be used). You may use accessories from other designers, but please make sure the main items in your look are from Ghee.

Take a HEAD shot AND a FULL BODY shot of your look.

Photos must be 1024x1024 OR 2048x2048 pixels (SQUARE).

Professional photos are allowed, but not required.

Please ensure your photos are of good quality and show your outfit and appearance well - this will be the judges first impression of you, so make it a good one!

Photoshopping is allowed, but please ensure your photos are a fair representation of your appearance inworld.

Submit your photos to the Ghee Flickr Group:

Title your photos: "Ghee Girl 2016 ENTRY  - YOUR NAME - Head OR Full Body"

In the photo description section please add the following information:

1. Your FULL SL name (Legacy names only)
2. Photographer Name
3. Your SL Rezz date
4. Styling credits naming all the Ghee items used in your styling
5. Tell us why you think you should be the Ghee Girl 2016 in no more than 200 words.

Deadline for entries: FRIDAY 29th JANUARY 2016 (12:00pm SLT)

By submitting your photos you agree to their use by Ghee for publicity purposes. If you use a professional photographer please advise them the photos are for a competition and may be used by Ghee for publicity purposes.

The results of the photo submission round and details of the first live walk-off will be announced on the Ghee blog on Monday 1st February.

Important dates:
13th February 1pm SLT - 1st Live Walk-Off
27th February 1pm SLT - 2nd Live Walk Off and announcement of top 12 finalists
12th March 1pm SLT - Grand Final

Please ensure you are available for all dates.

Interviews with the Finalists will be held between 4th and 6th March in SL Voice or Skype.

Contestants making it through to the live rounds will be invited to a group. Please ensure you have a group space available for the contest.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Spirit Llewellyn, Ghee Girl 2016 Manager by notecard in the first instance.


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