Ghee at The Instruments

The Instruments Theme:  Star Wars  (Nov 18 - Dec. 8)

Get in touch with your otherworldly beauty in this luxurious Star Wars inspired design by Ghee.

"Amadala" is an elegantly styled, full-length creation rendered in sumptuous, engraved leather fabrics. A rich, teal gown with a regal empire waist is enveloped with a dramatic overdress in contrasting crimson leather with graceful angel sleeves. The generously draped hooded shawl adds just the right touch of grandeur to this exquisite ensemble.

This amazing set retails for a mere $499L

mesh gown
mesh sleeves
mesh draped scarf
mesh hair bun covers
mesh collar
system layer sweater
tattoo layer matching makeup

****outfit is materials enabled***

Hop into your land speeder and get over to The Instruments!