Travel with us to The Instruments September Round

The Instruments has moved to a new location, and Ghee has some exotic exclusive releases for you there.

Become an Indian princess is the Damyanti Set, a full length dress and matching scarf that elegantly drapes over one shoulder and trails to the floor behind, complete with a dazzling jewellery set of tikka, earrings and bracelets that perfectly compliment the ensemble - all the parts are wearable separately too, making this a very versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Scheherezade was the princess who told the tales of the Arabian Nights - and you will certainly be spinning fantastic tales in this arabesque ensemble of open fronted harem pants and crop top with a cute button detail on the back. Worn with amazing shoes for Slink Mid Feet and matching jewellery set, available for sale separately.

Hop on a magic carpet to direct to Ghee at The Instruments today!