The Angels Have Landed at Ghee!

Ghee had the honor of being invited to sponsor The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show 2015, a celebration of sensuality and romance with wings, and we're delighted to announce that our full collection of 7 outfits, is now on sale at the Ghee main store. 

Each outfit has matching ballerina shoes for Slink High feet, available for sale separately.

Photography by Astralia.

Which Angel are You?

The Exotic Birdie Angel
A stunning silk print rigged mesh corset with a feathered skirt, matching wings, tail feathers and bird mask in vivid teal and scarlet. Like a tropical bird, the Exotic Birdie Angel bursts with vibrancy and she flies.

The Sweety Candyland Angel
A charming vintage print rigged mesh corset embellished with colorful ruffles and bows, and a giant yellow bow for wings, the Sweety Angel is a mouthwatering treat of sugary temptation.

The Fairytale Angel
A softly draped rigged mesh top and panties with a delicate embroidered silk pattern of muted green, cream and gold, with original mesh sparkling wings. Like a woodland fairy, the Fairytale Angel is whimsical and romantic

The Royal Angel
A royal blue brocade rigged mesh corset with gold lace and ribbon trim, with matching thong and gold leaf wings, the Royal Angel brings a touch of regal glamor to the occasion.

The Gilded Angel
A gold and white rigged mesh corset with matching gold panties, gold mesh shoulder decor with flowing white flexi drapes, and gold filigree wings. The Gilded Angel has surely been touched by the gods in this gold drenched ensemble.

The Black & White Angel
Delicate black rigged mesh lingerie, with a sparkling white draped top worn over the bra, with matching unrigged lace collar, cuffs and garters (with resizers) and sparkling silver wings. This is the set for the bold angel who knows what she has and doesn't need to hide it!

The Pink Angel
A sparkling crystal encrusted corset in the palest pink, with matching thong and sparkling silvery-pink wings, the Pink Angel is all about femininity and romance.