Ghee has a facelift!

Have you been to Ghee lately? 
We've had a store remodel and expansion, including a new teleport system to help you find your way around. There's a bunch of dollarbie gifts for all in the main reception, and the last 3 months VIP gifts are out, we have an Outlet store, discounted items and let's not forget the revamped Reverie Oublie Park with lots of spots for fantastic photo opportunities, and fun things to do.
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In the photo - Ghee bloggers and models Catalina Staheli, Lua Vendetta, Mila Blauvelt, Spirit Llwellyn, Sylphia Constantine, Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity.

The photo was taken for our submission to be included in the Second Life Destination Guide - so the top one is  the required size (quite small) - the version below is a larger version, so you can see all the details :)