Ghee at SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair - 10th - 18th April

A year has passed since the 3 haute couture brands SoliDea FoliEs, Violator and AD Creations joined their sims together to form their new fashion district: SAVIAD. SAVIAD is 1 year old and is holding a birthday event to celebrate!

Ghee is delighted to be participating in the SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion Birthday Event which brings more than 20 designers together who have created exclusive items created on the theme of Haute Couture Spring - Shades of Pale.

Our exclusive release for the event is a true collaboration between Ghee's 2 designers, Warm Clarity and Bea Serendipity. It's a complete outfit, consisting of a dress, sandals, glasses and a handbag, all of which are exclusive custom mesh made exclusively for Ghee to our specifications. In the softest suede textures in barely pastel spring flower shades of Hyancinth (blue) Wisteria (lilac) and Peony (pink), this chic outfit draws on some of the new season's key fashion trends.

Available exclusively at SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion from 12pm SLT 10-18 April 2015.

What's in the pack?

Dress: rigged mesh (5 standard sizes) and fitted mesh (1 size), Alpha Layer
Shoes: Rigged Mesh for Slink HIGH Feet (feet not included)
Secretary Glasses: unrigged mesh with xyz resizer, materials enabled
Handbag: unrigged mesh with xyz resizer, materials enabled, with and without pose versions included

A demo is available of the rigged mesh items - please try before you buy!

You can see this outfit on the runway at the SAVIAD Birthday Fashion Show by FEROSH on Friday 10th April at 12pm SLT.