Ghee is Where the Heart is Hunt! 6-14 February

Love is in the air and Ghee has a whole lot of loving going on at the main store, sure to make your heart flutter!

We're celebrating with a mini hunt that includes 8 items in romantic pinks and reds that make a cute, fun complete outfit for Valentine's Day, or every day if the mood takes you!

The outfit includes a sweet frilled top and a high waisted flared skirt in a Ghee original Ditsy Hearts print, with matching canvas lace-up boots;  pretty pink tights on system layers with appliers for Slink Feet; adorable rose framed glasses, a cute hearts deely-bopper, a set of complimentary bangles, and a 10 shade Valentine nail palette for Slink Nails.

All you have to do is search for the 8 red love hearts strewn about the store. Each hunt item is priced at only 10L. See the hints below to find the gifts. Happy hunting!

While you are on the hunt be sure to check out Ghee's new Harlot Collection of seductive lingerie in the Boudoir Department as well as our lovely new Valentine's Rose themed releases.


Tie a yellow one around an old oak tree.

Why not sit down for a nice breakfast?

Get the whole shabang for Valentines, it's such a great offer.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.....

Come on, take another little piece of my heart now baby.

What!?!? All he would need is an ascot and a pipe. Who knew there was G"he"e here? 

No worries about getting Scurvy wearing this.

What was that song Audrey Hepburn sang in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Was it __________ River?