Ghee Harlot Collection

Special for Valentine's Day, Ghee presents the new Harlot Collection. Elegant, refined, and independent women still need to express their wild passionate side and what better to wear than Ghee?

The Heart Scroll Set includes a strapless top with matching panties.

The Scarlet Shoe is a Ghee exclusive mesh design inspired by Vivien Westwood's Ballet Strap Heels. The chunky heel and steep incline down to a raised platform closed toe is perfect for sexy and daring looks in and out of the bedroom.             *** for Slink High Feet***

The Satin Rose Chemise includes a 6 color change HUD for the mesh rose chest embellishment which comes equipped with an XYZ resized script to aid you in sizing the roses to your personal preference.

To compliment the Satin Rose Chemise Rose Ribbon Wraps are a sexy addition. A matching mesh rose embellishment for the ankles come equipped with an XYZ resizer script to aid it sizing the roses to your personal preference.           ***Ribbon Wraps are for Slink High Feet***

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