Named after Shakespeare's Queen of the Fairies, from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Titania is a special limited edition couture outfit for Christmas 2014, lovingly crafted to create a spellbinding, magical effect on anyone who sees or wears it.

The breathtaking glistening ensemble includes:

- a gown consisting of a rigged mesh ornate crystal beaded corset bodice, with subtle animated sparkle that accentuates the crystals, in an exaggerated hourglass shape which fans out to frills at the bust and hips, accentuating your feminine curves. The bodice can also be worn as a sweet, sexy mini dress with a thong (provided);

- shimmering flexi skirts which flare to ankle length and swirl around you as you move - layer upon layer of fine tulle, chiffon, and animated sparkles which glimmer and shine like hundreds of frosted spiders webs in the morning sun. The flexi skirts come in 2 parts so you can add or reduce the amount of sparkle;

- sparkling silver wings, with an xyz resizer, in unrigged mesh;

- a sparkling silver tiara with an xyz resizer in a shape that perfectly compliments the wings and bodice of the gown;

- high peep toe shoes in platinum leather with animated sparkles, for Slink High Feet (FEET NOT INCLUDED);

- a Fairy Wand with a glowing animated snowflake at the tip. Touch it for a menu to control particles or snowflakes for a magical fairytale effect;

- system layer glitch pants to wear with the skirt, and a system layer thong to wear without.

- 2 Alpha Layers - with options for smaller and larger bust sizes.

Titania is a limited edition - only 20 will be sold ever.

It will make a beautiful Christmas gift for a special lady. If you wish to make a gift purchase, please contact Beatrice Serendipity (by notecard if offline) for a transferable version.

Pictures simply do not do Titania justice - it really has to be seen inworld to fully appreciate the magical effect of the sparkles - for a taster see this animated GIF

Click on this link and make a wish to be transported to the ghee main store to try a demo of the rigged mesh bodice!