ghee Gets Back to the Basics

Released as part of the ghee 60s Mod Collection, the ghee Thermals Sets are designed for layering with your 60s Mod wardrobe.

The thermals sets are available in 10 colours, in a palette inspired by the 1960s. Each set consist of system layer turtle neck and leggings in a fine ribbed knit texture. 

There is one optional mesh add-on neck pieces - a turtleneck which come in 5 rigged sizes and an unrigged option with an xyz resizer. 

With a huge range of choices how you wear them, and ample opportunities for mixing and matching, the Thermals sets are sure to be a fun addition to your wardrobe.

Plain opaque tights with appliers for Slink feet are also available in the same colour range.

These bright and fun designs are available at ghee's shop at The Vintage & Cool Fair until October 24! 
Pop in and take in the feel of the 60s with ghee. Hop on your scooter for a lift to where it's at!