ghee at the Vintage and Cool Fair

ghee celebrates vintage fashion with a 60s Mod inspired collection released exclusively at The Vintage and Cool Fair.

If vintage is your thing, you must check out this super-cool 60s Mod Collection - shiny vinyl separates to mix and match, cute mini dresses, gogo boots, ballet flats, hats, goggles, nails, handbags, thermals, tights, belts....most with texture change HUDs in a fantastic range of clear, bright colours.

There's a 10L gift for you to collect at the ghee store at the Vintage and Cool Fair too!

Watch this space for a detailed look at all the releases for this special event, which opens at 1pm SLT today!

Here's your personal scooter ride to the fair! (don't use before 1pm SLT on 10th October!)

Photo credits:
Models (L to R): Madeline Bouvier-LaCroix, Beatrice Serendipity, Desireme Fallen, Eva Cross, Warm Clarity.
Photographer: Beatrice Serendipity
Pose: Sylphia Constantine
Scooter: Jupiter Motors