Spruce up your Fall wardrobe with the Autumn Leaves Hunt!

It's autumn, the nights are drawing in, the leaves in the park have turned golden and are falling, and ghee is all ready for the colder weather.

To celebrate our favorite fashion season we have created a new Autumn Leaves Collection of 27 co-ordinating pieces that you can layer and mix and match in a myriad of ways all in a delicious seasonal palette of pumpkin, oatmeal and conker, with an original print we've called GoldLeaf.

The collection includes rigged mesh coats, dresses and skirts; system layer sweaters and leggings with optional mesh turtleneck and cowl necks and sleeves, fingerless gloves, beanie hats, opaque tights with appliers for Slink Feet, the cutest Docs boots (unrigged mesh) and even a gorgeous manicure/pedicure for Slink hands so your fingers and toes can match too!

And even better - we've made the Autumn Leaves Collection into a hunt! All 27 items in the collection are hidden around the ghee sim, priced only 10L each! 

All you have to do is look for the golden leaves that are hidden around the ghee main store and sim. And to help you find them, we have some hints - just scroll down to see them!

While you're there, don't forget to check out the fabulous new Fall14 Collection for more gorgeous Autumn fashion. And if you love a bargain (who doesn't?), check out the ghee outlet - everything 99L or less!

The Autumn Leaves Hunt will run until 30th November 2014, after which these items will be gone forever, so don't miss your chance to grab these fabulous goodies!

Grab this taxi to ghee and start hunting now!

Happy hunting!


1. These heels weren't made for walking  
2. Perfect attire for a Prima Donna
3. The lingering end of a long hot day...
4. What an amazing perch for an alley cat
5. This precious scent has been valued for centuries
6. What a Cold War
7. I have a sudden urge to play chopsticks
8. I am so tired. Where can I get some caffeine?
9. Oranges and lemons said the bells of St Clements
10. The best way to get warm outdoors
11. Oh no! Someone's left their shopping behind!
12. You have the right to remain silent
13. What a ghostly ride!
14. I'll have mine shaken not stirred
15. WOW! That's a major award!
16. The owner must sell Mary Kay Cosmetics
17. Nature's sugar, so sweet!
18. Hmmm, What is it called when you spin your tires and take off and it makes
that awful rubber smell?
19. Grace Jones wore it well.
20. A big kitty's meow.
21. Reminds me of those horses in the Emerald City
22. I wish I may, I wish I might, get the wish I wish tonight.
23. Just try to let it go!
24. What was that redhead's name in Scooby Doo?
25. Now that is what I call a fuzzy tree!
26. How about some fancy foot work?
27. Is Edward Scissorhands your landscaper?