ghee at The Naughty Nitch Fair - July 1-21

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair, is a new big sales FULL SIM event promotion brought to you by .:LIKE DESIGN :. & blah.BLAH.blah . This event will be around a couple of rounds in a year…The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair offers shoppers alot of amazing designs all in one place. Items are marked down by at least 30% of its original price. There are tons of gachas to play with during the event too!

Ghee brings some old favorites as well as some new designs to the event, including a fantastic metallic leather dress as an exclusive! The Shred Leather Dress and is materials enabled. It is available in three colors: black, magenta and teal. The materials as well as the texturing gives the dress a metallic cast to it. It comes in 5 standard mesh sizes. The halter style dress is fixed around the back of the neck with a gold chain feature.

Let's get ready for some serious sun! Crochet swimwear sets that include a see-through swimsuit, a matching solid knit swimsuit and a matching see through crochet sarong wrap as well as matching crochet shoes for Slink high feet, sold separately. Available in 9 colors.

For all those with a bit of a sharp edge on their fetishes we present ghee's Spike collection. Coordinating separates including a long liquid mesh mermaid skirt, leggings and a variety of colors of a corset in glittering colors embellished with spikes across the bodice with the option of either silver or gold spikes.

The Sand-washed Silk gown is also available at The Naughty Nitch and comes with a matching thong and hair accessory. Available in 6 colors at the fair: peach, pink, teal, lavender, grey and white.

The Naughty Nitch is only running from July 1- 21.  Make sure to stop in for a "mystery gift" available at ghee's booth as well.

Here is your limo!