ghee at The Summer Fashion Festival

ghee is part of the Summer Fashion Festival from July 20th to July 6th, and Warm Clarity has produced some awesome releases for the event! The Paisley Mystery Summer Set is on sale EXCLUSIVELY at the Summer Fashion Festival, and includes a body suit, flared pants, a stunning wide-brimmed hat and matching sandals for Slink High Feet, in a gorgeous dark paisley materials enabled texture.

Also available at the Summer Fashion Festival and at the ghee main store, a fabulous collection of summery casuals including tops, a dress, jeans and capri pants all with texture change buds! Each item comes with 8 texture change options, for the unmissable price of just 199L each.

Here's your limo to the Summer Fashion Festival.

And if you don't want to face the lag, visit the ghee main store to see the Summer Casuals Collection.