Ghee Summer Daisy Chain Hunt is here!

It's hunt time again at Ghee!

A complete capsule summer wardrobe of co-ordinating separates, with matching accessories is hidden at the Ghee Main Store and in the park.

In a fresh, summery palette of navy, coral and white, with a pretty daisy print, the Daisy Chain Hunt Collection includes cute strapless rompers, shorts, capri length harem pants, a flouncy mini skirt, sweet camisoles, a cool vest, and a flirty off-shoulder crop top. All of the tops and bottoms can mix and match! And we've added the cutest printed Tennis Shoes, funky daisy sunglasses and a matching manicure/pedicure palette to complete your look!

There are 32 items to find, priced at only 10L each. Look for the little daisies!

Grab this taxi to the Ghee Main Store and see what you can find!

Scroll down for hunt hints.

Happy hunting!

Hunt Hints:

1. We'll give you a break to start you off easy.
2. Pack your bags, we're going an vacation.
3. Colorless blooms are beautiful too.
4. Time to go back to childhood!!! LET'S PLAY!!!!!!!!
5. She's a gypsy, and she sang with Fleetwood Mac.
6. Ferocious or fierce, ya know?
7. I'm just sitting here watching the world go by.
8. Who doesn't have a couture boot fetish?
9. I shall sing for my supper.  
10.  Wow! Look at all of these pressies! It's like Christmas came early this year!
11. Well that's bloomin' lovely!
12. Van Gogh has nothing on this little artist.
13.  If I spin I will look just like a disco ball!
14.  I hear a delicate tinkling sound in the air.
15.  How could the beauty of the Sakura be contained?
16. Ahhhhhh I need coffee!!!!!!
17.  Yum! Champagne and meringue.
18. How sparkly and glamorous!
19. I hear the SL Police can't resist these, even if their waistlines suffer for it.
20. Didn't Carly Simon have a dream about these? You're so vain.
21. I'll have 2 scoops in a waffle cone.
22. My brain is rattling around in this trying to figure out the hint.
23. I could have sworn I saw Clark Kent walk in there, not Superman.
24. One of us! One of us! Come on, join; the benefits are never ending.
25. Shylock was no match for this Shakespearean heroine.
26. I don't care if it is 1964, you can't drive that scooter with that many passengers.
27. Cupid has a really bad aim. It's a miracle I can still walk.
28. Beam me up Scotty!
29. There's nothing quite like the feeling of silk and lace on a hot summer day.
30. I don't just print in CMYK, I accessorize with it too!
31.  I could just twirl around forever in this field of vintage summer flowers.
32. When you mix the two you just get mud.