ghee Lucky Blackjack Summer Hunt!

It's summer, and ghee has had a makeover, with a new main store building, a new outlet discount store, a lovely park housing our new gacha cafe, and a new home for Jupiter Motors, manufacturers of the finest performance cars on the grid!

To celebrate all the newness, we have created a Summer Essentials collection of 21 co-ordinating pieces that you can mix and match in a myriad of ways from casual to cocktail, all in summery black, white and a bold yellow floral pattern.

And to welcome you to our new store, we've made the Summer Essential Collection into a hunt! All 21 items in the collection are hidden around the ghee sim, priced only 10L each!

All you have to do is look for the lucky blackjack playing cards hidden all around the ghee sim. Here are some hints that will help you:

#1  shrouded in sugary sweet treats
#2  All I need is a leather lounger and my pipe and anyone would be green with envy.
#3  It's bigger on the inside
#4   It's just a jump to the left ,  And then a step to the right.
#5  "An Oxford man! Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit."
#6  there are four of me, as you can see, greeting you upon entry.
#7  In a past life I was part of a car.
#8  Men at sea are said to succumb to her spell, just by casting a glance her way
#9  It is all around but you can't see it. What we can see is the ripple upon the waters, the fallen leaves dancing in a circle, dust swirling across the path.
#10 definitely not the worst of second life
#11 I hope the ants don't carry me off
#12 Baaaaaaah, I know smoking is bad for you, but won't my helmet protect me?
#13 yay! fizzy lifting drinks!
#14 the perfect time for harvest, that last spark of warmth before the cold settles in.
#15 I'd rather be at the Louvre
#16 I am not kidding.
#17 The three billy goats gruff better watch out for that troll.
#18 Wanna go for a ride with the top down?
#19 a sit in the shade would be nice
#20 The addition of another "s" would make this a sweet after dinner treat
#21 What does this have in common with King Midas and James Bond?

We've also released Summer Essential Sandals for Slink High Feet that match the Summer Essential Collection perfectly. Just 149L a pair, or treat yourself to a fatpack for only 399L and get a bonus floral pair thrown in! That's 4 pair's of summer sandals for only 399L! Find them near the main entrance at the ghee main store.

Here's your taxi!

Happy hunting!

Warm and Bea


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